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Located in the Upper Midwest Region for over 100 years, Murphy provides award winning logistics services.

We do this by integrating information and providing procurement, transportation, inventory, warehousing, maintenance, materials handling, packaging, distribution, replacement and security for your goods. We facilitate directly to business or third party contracts for domestic and international logistics needs. We are a strong asset-based company with all the partnering resources you need for your business success.


  • Warehousing Services – 3,000,000 square feet
  • Transportation Services – 120,450 Truck Loads per year
  • Fulfillment and Value-Added Customized Handling Services – 30,000+ orders per month, controlling 29,000+ SKUs
  • Rail Services – 300,000 – 900,000 tons per year
  • International Services – around the globe
  • Rigging and Millwright Services
  • Customized Facilitation Services


Murphy Warehouse is pleased to meet the logistics needs for companies of any size that are looking for a trusted partner to provide services that help them succeed in business. Whether your need is directly to business, third party contracting, domestic and international shipping and receiving, warehousing, transportation, special handling of goods, customized fulfillment, or rail services, Murphy Warehouse has been a preferred industry leader for more than an century. You may have a clear vision for your success. If so, we will earn your business and become integral to that success. If you have never outsourced these services before, we are pleased to show you how it’s done.

Murphy Warehouse is pleased to serve the logistics needs of both domestic and international businesses of all sizes. Our 250+ customer partners come from the following industries.

Agriculture * Automotive * Beverage * Building Materials * e-Commerce * Food * Food Ingredients * Forest Products * Grocery * Health Care * Household Goods * Import/Export * Industrial Materials Liquor and Wine * Manufacturing * Medical Supplies * Organics * Packaging * Paper * Plastics * Raw Materials * Recreation/Outdoors * Recycling * Retail * Health and Beauty * 3PL/4PL Companies


Murphy Warehouse holds several certifications for the industries we serve, including those listed below. For a full list of certifications, please contact the Director of Quality Services.

ISO 9001 * ISO 14001 * LEED Certification – Northtown Campus * Energy Star Certification – Northtown Campus * Energy Star Certification – 7033 Central Avenue MNSHARP Recertification * ASI Inspections * FDA Certificate * USDA Certificate * HACCP Certificate * Intertek