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industrial outdoor storage

Industrial Outdoor Storage

Secure Outdoor Storage Space to Extend Your Industrial Storage Capacity

Murphy’s specialized warehousing and distribution programs are designed to work for companies in every industry. In addition to our best-in-class warehousing and distribution solutions, we offer secure outdoor commercial storage. With a gated, guard shack secured entrance in our Shakopee facility, we have a storage capacity of over 250,000 square feet. Murphy also has additional outdoor-ready facilities in the Twin Cities area as well as in Kansas City. Industrial outdoor storage can be used from overflow truck parking to storage for a variety of products and materials in the industrial sector.

Industrial Outdoor Storage Security

Ensuring the security of products is a top priority. Our gated, secure yards offer best-in-class options for outdoor industrial storage. From trailer storage and parking options for transportation companies to the storage of building materials for industrial contractors, your inventory is safe in Murphy’s care. Security measures can also be customized to client specifications as needed. Reach out and discuss your outdoor industrial storage security measures with our team so we can craft the perfect solution for you.

Specialized Equipment for Outdoor Storage

Specialized equipment for warehousing and distribution ensures that the job is done right, every time. For industrial outdoor storage, additional equipment is needed to move, store and load materials. Heavy-duty forklifts, designed to work in the outdoor environment, also help to handle oversized and heavy materials. Our team is trained to ensure safe operation and product handling on all equipment that we work with.

Overflow Parking

With real estate costs rising and space becoming tight in many metro areas, finding parking for transportation companies is a difficult task. Utilizing Murphy’s secure parking lots for overflow, overnight, and long-term parking solutions can be an excellent fit for fleets of all sizes. Whether you need trailer storage for ongoing overflow parking or just some additional spaces for your busy season, our industrial outdoor storage options can be the perfect solution. We work with owner-operators looking for a safe place to park, all the way up to large fleets utilizing our parking lots throughout the metro area.

Customized Solutions and Efficient Storage

With industrial outdoor storage there are many different configurations and options available. While racking products in the warehouse creates efficiency, stacking is generally the best option when outdoors. Industrial products such as lumber, shingles, and metals are usually perfect candidates for stacked storage options in an outdoor storage environment. In fact, most building materials work well in our efficient outdoor industrial storage spaces. Stacking can also be a good option when products are bundled together for distribution and transport. This not only increases storage efficiency, but it helps the operator handle products and materials quickly and effectively. These standardized solutions are key aspects to look for when seeking out industrial outdoor storage facilities.

Start Using Our Cost-Efficient Solution

Utilizing an outdoor storage solution can be an excellent fit for a variety of materials. With efficient storage options and various spaces to work with, one of the greatest benefits of outdoor storage is cost savings. If your product is fit for outdoor storage, our team has the right solutions for you! All outdoor storage options can be talked through with our experts to ensure the right fit. Learn more about our industrial outdoor storage today by inquiring through one of the forms below.